Thursday, February 12, 2009

Band Names

This post on Creative Loafing was brought to my attention earlier today. (Thanks Charles.)

I thought it would be interesting to mention some bands that the article forgot to mention.

1.) Death Cab for Cutie - Bonzo Dog D00-Dah Band (yes, real band name.), "Death Cab for Cutie"

2.) Deep Purple - Peter DeRose, "Deep Purple"

3.) Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Cap'n Jazz, "Scary Kids Scaring Kids" (The band searched on Napster for a strange name for the band. Well guys, you got one.)

4.) The Get Up Kids - From The Cure's "Suburban Get Up Kids"

5.) The Killers - Named after the fictional band's name in New Orders "Crystal" music video.

6.) Envy on the Coast - After an old song title lead singer Ryan Hunter developed for another band.

7.) Dashboard Confessional - Name from lyrics to the bands own song, "The Sharp Hint of New Tears." On the way home/This car hears my confession.

8.) A Day In The Life (Original Hawthorne Heights band) - The Beatles, "A Day in the Life"

9.) The Wall Flowers - Named after Bob Dylan's "Wall Flower." (Wallflowers lead singer is Bob Dylan's son.)

10.) Hellogoodbye - The Beatles, "Hello, Goodbye"

Here's a few more bands that took their name from literature and popular novels.

1.) The Doors - Lead singer Jim Morrison's obsession with English Poet, William Blake inspired the band's name. Blake said, "If the doors of perception are cleansed, everything would appear to man as it truly is, infinite."

2.) Genesis - The first book of the bible

3.) Our Lady Peace - 1943 poem from Mark Van Doren.

4.) Soft Machine - From the title of William Burroughs’s novel.

5.) Steely Dan - The nickname for the giant steam-powered dildo in William Burroughs’s "Naked Lunch." (No, I didn't make that up either.)

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