Sunday, February 8, 2009

Houston Calls

Last Friday night I went and saw Houston Calls play the Orpheum with Artist vs. Poet and Valencia.

Now, I've loved Houston Calls for sometime now. Their catchy hooks and contagious chorus' are just a few reasons why the band has frequented my iTunes top 25 most played for quite some while.

As of recently, my good friend, Dan Diaz has stepped in on the tour to play lead guitar for the band. Between the free entrance, free cd's, or the numerous brewski's, my friend provided it all. Dan stepped in and helped the band play a nearly flawless set. The 8-song set moved the crowd all over and around. Songs like "Life Won't Wait" and "Exit, Emergency" had everyone humming along.

The concert was an experience in itself, drinking with the band, watching a great friend of mine play guitar, and of course, the music.

I'd like to give a big "thanks" to my good friend Dan Diaz for the festivities, it surely was greating seeing ya old buddy.

And for anyone who hasn't seen them live, or worse heard their music, I strongly encourage you to give them a listen. I know you'll be hooked.

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