Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fall Out Boy

I don't want to hear it.

Whatever line that you're going to throw out at the band or any of its members has already been said, so take it elsewhere, because I highly doubt you have accomplished anything that casts a shadow as close to the band's accolades.

People's bitterness towards Fall Out Boy has become so redundant and overdone that it actually sounds as if those criticizing the band believe they can do better than the band itself.

So for this blog, let's compare your accomplishments against the bands. Then, it really will be apparent how out of place your accusations are.

--Everyone Vs. Fall Out Boy--

"Their music sucks."

OK. I dare you to make ONE song that has the lasting value and catchiness of any of their songs, I dare you. You're probably to busy playing one show a month at the local bar that only alcoholics frequent, so let's take this argument and throw it in the waste basket, because if you don't have a catchy song, you don't have anything.

"They changed their sound when they made it big."

Have you listened to the bands releases before From Under The Cork tree? Because if you have, then you'd know the singles form Take This To Your Grave like, "Grand Theft Autumn" and "Dead on Arrival" sound strikingly similar, strikingly. Also, their first release Evening Out With Your Girlfriend sounds like most first records would sound on a D.I.Y. record label like Uprising Records, the band could only go up from here.

"Fall Out Boy didn't pay their dues"

The band has been touring since 2001. 2005 was the year they made their breakthrough album. Four years is a lot of time to be sleeping on friends floors and riding in broken down buses, please don't bring this argument around anymore.

--Everyone vs. Pete Wentz--

*Tours the entire country in one of the most successful bands of our generation
*Plays in a band that has gone platinum
*Wrote and published a book
*Started and runs highly successful Clandestine clothing company
*Maintains and has signed multiple bands that have sold thousands of records to, oh yeah, his own label
*Runs a film company
*Has his own bass model
*Runs a night club in NYC
*Opened his own art gallery
*Married Ashlee Simpson
*Acted on One Tree Hill
*Created one of the only shows on MTV that actuallyplays music.

OK now, if you have a fraction of these accomplishments then let's hear your argument, because otherwise, sorry to break the news to you, he's done all of this in eight years which is more than you're probably going to accomplish in your whole life.

Now that I've typed up all these accomplishments, I really can see why everyone is so bitter.

But, next time while you're bashing the band on some music thread in a common self pity moment, Fall Out Boy will probably care less what you think, because hey, they're playing a sold out show tonight on the other side of the world and you're still living in mom and dad's basement.

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