Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rihanna & Snoop?

In the last two nights I have attended two concerts, although this may be strange for a lesser music enthusiast, this is nothing out-of-the-ordinary for myself I assure you.

What strikes me as unusual has been the two artists I've gone out and watched, Rihanna and Snoop Dogg.

Rihanna and Snoop Dogg? Really...Me?

Oh yes, the Superbowl madness that Tampa is offering my campus right now is off the charts. And free tickets to these celebrity musicians was something I was not going to pass up.

First, Rihanna. Wow, the name says it all. She might be the most gorgeous woman I've ever laid my eyes on. The haircut, the tattoos, her swagger, everything blew me away. Strangely enough, the music did too. I'll admit it, I have a guilty pleasure when it comes to her music, as I have been caught humming Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum ever so often. But she really was the example of a entertainer. Not only did her voice match up with what she's put on record, but she looked like she thourghouly enjoyed being there, which I did not expect. Who knows what goes on behind these radio-friendly singers, are they all milli vanilli's in disguise or are they real musicians. Most probably have everything written for them, lyirs, music, get-up, everything. Regardless, Rihanna was 100% a perfomer, which whatever you may think, is a huge part of a concert. Her strut, her crowd interaction, everything was amazing. Getting these tickets for free proved to me that I actulaly would have paid to see her. Never thougth I'd say that.

Now on to Snoop. "Snoop-a-loop! Bring your green hat!" What can be said about someone so prominent. He lived up to everything you would imagine, 45 minutes late(smoke singals anyone?), an iced-out microphone, and great tunes. Snoop strolled around the stage like he was from Tampa, successfully holding everyone in awe. Songs like "Gin & Juice", "Who am I", and "Still a G Thang" gave anyone in the crowd with asthma serious problems breathing with the presence of so much...well, smoke.

Who knows, in a day in age where bands like All Time Low and Metro Station reign kings in the genre I once loved, maybe my musical boundaries needed to be pushed just a little bit further, so Superbowl, thank you for that.

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