Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Bash Gets Ready To Rock Tampa

Zach Fraser

Published: Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday: Football, parties, food, beer and music.

Some say that the Super Bowl and all the festivities that surround it make up the epitome of America, and as Super Bowl XLIII approaches, not only do we have the anticipation of the clash between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals but also the live music that will be providing viewers with a little uplift to their spirits, just in case the game isn’t quite going the way they had hoped.

The voice behind NBC’s, “Waiting All Week for Sunday Night,” Mrs. Faith Hill will open up game day by singing “America the Beautiful.”

The country diva will be the fourth person in the history of the Super Bowl to sing the song, making it certain that she will perform to her upmost ability.

One of the biggest headlines surrounding game day has been the artist singing the national anthem, Jennifer Hudson. After a difficult and trying year following the deaths of her mother, older brother and nephew, the American Idol contestant will be returning to the limelight to sing what will surely be an emotional national anthem.

And, of course, what would one of the biggest sporting events be without a great half-time show?

Bruce Springsteen, the “Boss” himself, will be gracing this year’s Bridgestone halftime show with, get this, the entire E-street band.

For those who don’t know, the New Jersey native is one of the most note-worthy singer/songwriters of all time with hits like, “Dancing in the Dark” “Born in the U.S.A.” “Glory Days” and “Born To Run.”

Jersey fans may have been let down this year, seeing the Jets, Giants and Eagles all fall short of the Super Bowl, but Bruce Springsteen is as close to a redemption shot as they will see come Super Bowl XLIII.

So whether you’re tailgating with your friends and family, sitting around the living room watching the game or stumbling around a bar, this year’s Super Bowl will have enough performances from actual musicians to make the anticipation for the game just a tad bit more bearable.

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